Low volume on movie....How can I make it louder?

Hi! I haven’t been here for a while (I think since summer when I was buying my comp.), had problems I had to solve and still have one which I thought you guys could help with. I hope I’ve put this the right place. I’ve tried to search the forum but I have no idea what to call this problem so my searches didn’t find me the answer I was looking for.

So I have 3 standalone DVD players (2 Dimarson, 1 undescided / right now VOV Digital but it was shaking so it’s in the store again and by tomorrow it might turn out to be a Hyundai/ ) and a simple only stereo TV next to each of them, in all three case they connected through scart. My problem is: When playing a movie the voice (the character’s speaking voice) is almost unhearable while the effect or noises are too loud since I’ve put the dvd volume on max AND the TV volume on max too to hear the characters speak!

The DVD players have 6.1 (the 2 Dimarsons) and 5.1 audio output, from which (since we have no home theater system) we only use the Left and Right plug.

The DVD discs have /namely: 80 days around the world/ only 5.1 audio and the other one /Inuyasha Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island/ both 5.1 and stereo audio on. With the first disc everything on full and I can only hear every 2nd or 3rd word but the noises can be heard by the neighbour too! With the second disc the sound slightly better if I choose S-video video output eventhough it connects through scart, but still hard to hear; atleast the TV volume is not on max but almost.

Somehow noone else seems to have such problems (like in my family, my cousin have DVD player, brand: Xeox (?) and everything is well hearable including these movies.), also I had a Panasonic DMR-E30 and that gave strong audio but I’ve sold it since I do not use a standalone DVD-Recorder and it didn’t play every DVD disc’s audio (like DL stuff, or dual audio stuff sometimes, example: Inuyasha Movie 4). When I had it, it was connected through scart since my TV only have scart and 1 coaxial plug only.

I’d like to get to know if there’s away to make the movie I’m trying to watch more hearable /other then buying a home theater system since the room is not big enough for one + it’s pretty expansive + I don’t like movie sound for movies…even in cinema I find it too loud) and if yes the how?

Thanx in advance for help or ideas!