Low volume on DVD backup



Mmmm I think i might be going barmy but when i compare a backed up DVD to the original the volume on the back up when played back on pc or tv is always quieter than the original DVD at the same volume setting??? Does not make sense to me but has happened on 5 different discs/media combinations.
Any solutions


What software are u using? Are they direct copies? Any transcoding?

AFAIK - it’s all in your imagination. Direct copies are identical, transcoding should not modify the audio stream.


have used both nero recode and dvd shrink to hard drive then onto blank dvd … replaying the backed up dvd on my tv and through home cinema setup as well.also plays back quieter on pc through nec 3520 drive.
The volume has to be cranked up to be the same as source dvd.
Should be impossible to have the audio stream altered in volume as it is just copied!!!


Try to make a backup with CloneDVD2 and compare the result. If it is the same, then you have to look for the problem somewhere else.