Low volume on burnt DVD

OK, have researched this topic for days now and found a ton of related info but no clear answers and a lot of dead end threads…

here is my issue -

1 i record a movie from cable box to capture card onto harddrive.
2 use divxtodvd to convert file so shrink can read it.
3 use shrink and dvddecrypter to create movie and burn to disc.

the playback volume is low and needs to be turned way up whan playing on DVD players. have seen many posts relating to this problem but no clear solution.

since this is a movie recorded from cable i do not have audio choices (2.0, 5.1 etc"…there is only ONE audio choice.)

i read about audio normalizers and the like - what would work best in my situation and what is the procedure?


maybe this question is better suited to different section in forum?
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Sounds like your line in volume is set too low. You need to go to your sound settings and click advanced, and raise the line in volume.

thanks for the response harley2ride.
the line in volume is OK. when burning with Roxio the volume comes out fine.
also the cable box volume is all the way up.
since i can’t figure out how to compress larger files in Roxio i use the divx2dvd, shrink and decrypter combo to compress and burn larger files.
i think it may be the divx2dvd process that is causing the volume issue (?)

Possible… I don’t use the divx2dvd software… sorry…

ok, thanks for the response and for your help.