Low volts

Please can you help I am running a qtec 550 watt psu and when running hardware doctor it tells all the currant volts but my +12 volt and -12 volt is only running at 11.53 volts is this ok for the abit nfs7-ver2 motherboard or is it a bit low my spec is below I do have a spare Chieftec 360 psu I just thought that the 550 watt one would be better thanks for any help

1 gig geil ddr 400mhz

QTEC 550 Watt PSU

80 gig IBM ata 100 hdd
radeon 9000 pro2
liton 166s dvd rom
liton 48x12x48
sony dru500 ux
3 com nic card

Normally, the QTec 550W PSU is a good one, but this one could be running out of specs.

However, if you’re not exeperiencing any (stability) problems with your system, don’t worry too much about it…

If you want to make sure your mainboard is measuring good, check the voltages with a normal volt meter…