Low speed of copying from DVD to HDD

I have quite big problem. I bought MSI KT6 V motherboard with VIA KT600 chipsed.
I have all drivers instaled, even I have instaled the newest one via4in1 drivers package 4.53 and time of copying DVD to HDD is about 15 minutes!! My friend for the same need only 7 minutes of time.

I have windows xp prof. and following drives:

  1. Seagate Barracuda 7 7.200 120GB (as master) Primary IDE channel
  2. Maxtor 7200 80GB (as slave) Primary IDE channel
  3. LG GSA-4120B (as master) Secondary IDE channel
  4. DVD-ROM LG (as slave) Secondary IDE channel
  5. PCI IDE Controller HPT370 with one drive Maxtor 80GB

Do you have any idea what is the problem? As I know in windows xp - UDMA is switched on but transffer from DVD is very low.

Your prompt answer will be most appreciate.


The average DVD burner will be able to rip a 2 hr movie in about 15 min. For the comparison to be valid, you need to use the same DVD movie, same rip/compression mode, same ripping software, and same DVD reader.