Low sound volume-new install

I am running WinXP on a Dell Dimension 8200. I just bought a new Lit-On SOHW1693S burner. I removed my old burner (could’nt do DVDs) and moved my DVD-Rom drive (Lite-on LTD-163) from the top position to the second and installed the 1693 on top. I changed both jumpers from CS, the top drive to Master and the bottom to Slave. The end of the EIDE cable went to the top and the middle to the bottom drive. I plugged the analog audio cable which had been on the LTD-163 into the new top drive.
I booted to the BIOS and all looked correct and the drives were recognized.
The computer booted up fine, the drives were recognized and appear correct in Device Manager. In testing so far all seems well. They both play music cds, DVDROMs, and Data CD-RWs.
My problem is that the volume level when I play music CD’s on either drive has dropped by half. I have checked my sound card mixer (Santa Cruz Turtle Beach) and the Microsoft Windows mixer. I have to really boost the volume on either. Does anyone have any thoughts on where the problem might be? Thanks.

  1. check that left & right channel on the analog audio cable are matching the L & R on drive and card.

  2. check settings/options in software players

  3. uninstall turtle drivers, then use driver cleaner pro from http://www.drivercleaner.net/ to REALLY uninstall the drivers. reinstall latest drivers.