Low seek times with 4012TA

I’ve got very low seek times in cdspeed.
My full seek times are often over 300ms and sometimes it even gets over 1000ms! Random and 1/3 seek times are also not very good. During full seek test I can see yellow led collor instead of green om my PX. I’m using Win XP, 1.03firmware, 4.72 aspi. Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.

You can trash the 4.71 ASPI , this will be a good start , go back to 4.60 .

4.60 didn’t help.

You do not give me any hardware info to help you … does the other CD drives that you have works ok ?

Yes I also have Teac 532E-B, which works fine. They are both on the secondaery ide
channel: PX - master, Teac - slave.
I have DFI Ak-75EC motherboard with
via kt133a chip. DMA is OK. I have all the lastest drivers. So any suggestions ?

I had once one problem, with one system based on the kt133a , the help come to it with one Bios upgrade …

Read this …


I knew about this thread… DFI has no cure for this problem… But I’m not sure this problem is based on the chipset. Earlier
I didn’t have this problem with seek times.

Another funny fact is that when reading
at 4x CPU usage is 77% at 8x it’s 100%.
What could that mean ?

The high CPU utilization is produced , because the burner haves hard times to read .

What cause the problem is mostly the burner it self , as you have say that it worked well in the past …

The first cure is some cleaning of the internal photo diode ( laser) as the most call it …
But its not a job for any one to open it, and clean it …

Ok lets say that you do that , and the problem is still there !! the next step is to RMA it …

My old burner , was one Philip’s , i had the burner for 2,5 years , i had open it and clean it, at list 4 times before it past away for real .

I did few cleanings on my Teac (It helped), but if I’ll
do the same with plextor I’ll brake my warranty (Because I’ll open it ) . At first I’ll
try simple cleaning cd. I’ll post my results
when finnished.

The cleaning cd its not help allot , but you have nothing to loose either …

About the warranty , just mail Plextor and ask them … If the internal cleaning breaks the warranty …

Cleaning cd didn’t help…

Yesterday I wanted to burn few CD’s.
I disabled power rec via plextools and was burning at 40x with clone cd. It was
unprotected cd. I used Verbatim DataLifePlus 48x ( Super Azo + Crystal made in India ). At the end of cd I’ve got
error " Media error…bla bla bla ". I switched to Alcohol 120%. The same thing, but different error… Then I enabled
power rec and burned in Alcohol but with
simple DAO/SAO at 40x. I made a cd but it
has 7 !!! zones. The writting was very unstable. Any ideas what does this mean ?

P.S. Then burning in Alcohol DAO RAW PX
reached 47x writting speed. Interesting…

I had problems like yours , with the use of Verbatim DataLifePlus 48x ( Super Azzo + Crystal made in India ).
Mostly error messages , and form the Nero ,and from the Plextor tools too , but the burned CD come out ok …

One advice ,will be to not use more than 670 megs as burning material .

The Verbatim 48x made in EEC is by far better …
But i finally found some TY no-name and i will stick to them until the release of the Plextor media …

Originally posted by millenium
Any ideas what does this mean ?
Problem with the drive’s laser probably (judging that because of your extremely high seek times and these errors). A medium error could of course also be because of low quality media but I don’t think that’s the case here. The only advice I can give you is to try the drive in a different computer to rule out any software problems. Also try some different discs. If that doesn’t work: don’t open the drive but simply RMA it. Plextor has a good reputation when it comes to their tech support. Btw: are you sure DMA is enabled for the drive and working properly?

I will say that with the DataLifePlus 48x made in India , i had see for first time the error in the Plextor tools : POWER CALIBRATION FAILED …

The help file of the Plextor tools is very in-lighting about the most of the problems , have a look in it …


My drive has been replaced with the new one. Anyway you were right about the quality of these Verbatim’s. Even now I’m not able to burn them properly at 40x, “only” at 32x.

Thanks for your help and clearing the things up.

Thanks for reporting back :wink: Glad to hear it worked out eventually and you found the cause of your problems.