Low SD prices

4gb SD - $3.99, but 16gb sd - $9.99; saving of $6.

however, I would fear storing that many photos on a single 16gb. Ifcourse, when 4gb came out, I said 4x1gb is safer even if more $.
Considering new cameras have 14-16mp, and DSLRs use RAW and sensors are bigger, 16gb is a good value.

Maybe there’ll be some free after rebate on the 2 & 4gb flash… and lower prices on higher capacity… on Black Friday…

[QUOTE=Romphotog;2651921]4gb SD - $3.99, but 16gb sd - $9.99; saving of $6.

Sale price was over at J&R by the time I got there. It’s now 16gb - $14.95.

Don’t worry… only about 81 or so days before Black Friday season kicks off…
… and half way through the cycle of shorter days and longer nights (into the darkness). SD/Flash will be on the list of products resellers want to unload this Thanksgiving holiday…