Low quality UDF burns?

Don’t know if this is the right place to post, but I think it is. :confused:

Anyway, I have a 1640 and so far, all my burns have been good, quality scores of 90-99 on my media which is usually Ricoh 8x or 16x and DVision Taiyo Yuden 8x, all DVD+R. So far, those have all been in ISO format.

Recently, I burnt some discs in UDF format because of some large files. I notice that with all those UDF format discs, a quality scan will usually drop quick to 96, stay steady, then midway through, it will plummet from 96 to 79 and that will be the final score. It’s the same for both the UDF discs I burnt.

Is this normal?

Hm… file systems are transparent to the burner. The burner really doesn’t know what it is writing. ISO or UDF is therefor not the problem.

Then why is it getting such a low score? I burned a few other discs in ISO format before and after those UDF discs and the ISO discs were all scoring the usual 90+.

its possible theres a bug with the burning engine on the software your using, which is?

Have you tried an alternative program to burn udf to see if that helps?

I’m using Nero Ultra
Haven’t had any problems as yet with it tho.

Try another ISO burn and you’ll probably see the lower quality. I’ve had the quality of blanks change part way through a spindle of the same DVDs on multiple spindles. Including with TY T02.


For these few discs, I was sticking to the Ricoh 16X DVD+R media, RICOH JPN03 I think. I burnt 5 in ISO format, all 90+. Then 1 in UDF, scores 79. Then 1 in ISO, 90+. The final 2 in UDF, both 79 again. It all seems abit too consistent that they score exactly 79 each time I try UDF isn’t it. :lol:

I haven’t experienced this, and I do both UDF and ISO burns regularly. I think that your shitty media is responsible. IME the RicohJPNR03 are highly variable, but usually quite sucky.

Uhh, what? RICOHJPN is excellent media. But writing it at 16x has the same problem as all 16x DVD+Rs have in the BenQ, the crazy peaks that appear around the 3.5GB mark. Why not try 12x? It won’t take that much longer.

Hrm maybe those peaks could equate to the sudden and consistent drop from 96 to 79?
What kind of scores did you get when you burned your discs at 16x? :slight_smile:

I haven’t gone through any of this media myself, but I’ve seen plenty of scans. Why not post a couple pictures here yourself? CDSpeed makes the quality score (almost?) entirely from the PIF maximum, so those peaks can kill the score on an otherwise good disc, and strangely enough, they don’t show up when scanned in a Plextor.

Maybe it was excellent, the Ricohjpn R03 sucks many times :Z

Here’s a scan I did today. Incidentally, this disc scored a 79 when I did a quality scan right after I burnt it, today it got a 85. :confused:

Use 12x instead, you’ll get better results. The time difference is mere seconds…

Similar things happened to me. After burn I get QS 82, next day 85 (not with R03)

have you tried burning hybrid iso/UDF dvd’s as thats what i normally burn discs in?

Hrm alright, well then I’ll be burning at slower speeds from now on.

Does Nero support hybrid discs?