Low quality dvd-r media is not recognizible by my burner



Is there a solution for a cheap buy of 50 dvds that are waiting to be used?
DVD identifier says they are OK, but my burner Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 fail to record on them. Is there any burner that has identifier within? Could this help?


What’s your model of burner? Have you updated the firmware on your drive? What kind of discs are they? Will the burn stop and fail, or is Ashampoo not even allowing you to start a burn? What is the rated burn speed of the media, and what burn speed are you trying? Have you tried another burning program?

Hope that’s enough questions to start with. :stuck_out_tongue:


Burner NEC dvd rw nd3520a
No I did not update a firmware. I will do it now.
Discs are Mitsubishi DVD-R MCC 02RG020
Process strarts, prebuffering OK, then stop and fail
Speed is not an option in this software.


I would update the drive’s firmware. Although I would think that the original firmware would be able to handle your discs, updating the firmware can greatly improve performance (especially true with NECs). Going here, I would suggest using one of the latest versions of Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware, probably Dee’s 2.U5 - http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/NEC-ND-3520A/ Download the file and follow the instructions, flashing your 3520’s firmware.

The discs that you have, assuming that they are real Mitsubishi discs and not some kind of counterfeit media, should be of good quality. I would suggest burning them at 8x and I would also suggest trying another burning program if your current one does not allow adjustments in burn speed (there may be a place to adjust it in the settings, I don’t know). There are a couple of freeware programs that would work, ImgBurn and CD Burner XP Pro. ImgBurn is commonly used and is mostly used for burning .ISO image files, but also has some support for burning standard data files, although CD Burner XP Pro might be easier to use in that regard.


I updated firmware, and it did not work. I usualy dont burn images, and I have Windows 2000 installed, so both of the suggested programs are unuseful. I had Nero installed previously and tryed different speed recording on this DVD media. I am looking for something smaller like the software you suggested but for my needs and configuration.
Also - are there different firmwares for same burners?


What did not work, the burn? I would think that both programs would be functional with Win 2000, I’d be suprised if either actually required Win XP (although that’s just a guess). Nero has a lot of users, it gets some criticism but it’s a good burning program all in all, I use it or ImgBurn for nearly all of my burns. And yes there are different firmwares, a lot of them although I would suggest using one of the those near the top of the list on the site I linked to, unless you would rather use NEC’s latest ‘official’ firmware. Most users on here tend to use modified firmware for their NEC drives though since they improve performance.

P.S. - I checked for you and ImgBurn works fine with Win 2000. CD Burner XP Pro I don’t know, it needs .NET Framework 2.0 installed to run and I don’t know if that’s limited only to XP or not.


Yes I used the official NEC firmware. By the description of the burning software I assumed wrong so now I am going to try both. Thanks for now. Hope it will work otherwise I hope you will still be here for me. See you in half an hour.


If your burn doesn’t start … and fails from the outset - does it “wait” for about a minute or two as it tries to calibrate? If it does, I suspect you might have some fakes [I have handled some HK made fakes with mitsubishi codes]. Mind telling us what the exact “brand” of the spindle was? [should be Mitsubishi/Verbatim for guaranteed real ones].


I made the mistake of thinking he meant that the brand was Mitsubishi, but it’s probably at least as likely that he just read ‘Mitsubishi’ off of whatever program was used to get the media code. :doh:


Just use them for the test or give away copying materials.


So much work for nothing. ImgBurn faild to burn, CD Burner XP Pro required Windows service pack 3, Windows media player 9 and still nothing. Just to make clear, it seems that can not finda starting point to write on DVD. A flaw exist in the power calibration…

And DVD is just similar to Mitsubishi -Imation Hong Kong. But it must be some kind of solution for this kind of problem


What brand are these discs please? And does it state the country of origin - ‘Made in xxxxx’? If they’re fake MCC, and this is a definite possibility, then you may not have a single usable disc on your drive (although using the modified firmware I mentioned will probably increase your odds). What burn speed did you try BTW? I would try 8x, then 4x.


Like I said Imation Hong Kong. I tried 8x and 4x burning speed.


Imation Hong Kong, hmm. Fake MCC02RG20, and also fake Imation by the sound of it. Are you sure they didn’t spell it ‘Imitation’? :stuck_out_tongue: Imation would be very unlikely to be selling fake MCC in my opinion, so I’m curious where you bought these discs?

I’ve used fake MCC02RG20 made in China/Hong Kong incidentally, and the results were poor but usable. I suspect that you just have some truly awful discs, even by fake MCC standards.


I went on their home page and they show compatibility with my burner. http://www.imation.com.hk/products/imation_compatibility.php


Yes but those don’t even sound like genuine Imation - do you live in the U.S. by chance? I’ve never heard of any MCC media ever being made in Hong Kong so I think it’s very likely that they are fake, and I’d be shocked if any mainstream brand such as Imation would sell such discs. Where did you buy them?


Spelling was right. Imation i-Pro. I bought them in a European widely spread hypermarket Spar, few months ago and they are still selling them.


Well that is a legit Imation product so they appear to be genuine Imation, though I’m still confused about them. I still wouldn’t think that Imation would sell a fake media code and I haven’t heard of MCC being made in Hong Kong, so I’m not sure what to think. Genuine MCC02RG20 is excellent media though, which further makes me believe that they are fake MCC02RG20.

In any event, I would give one of the modified firmware versions I linked a try as a final attempt at getting them to work, otherwise there’s not much that you can probably do at this point. You have tried other discs to confirm that your drive is burning other media properly, correct?..


Yes I will give it another try and I am thinking to send them a letter of complaint and also link to this post. Thank you for helping so far. It is six in the morning for me and another sleepless night behind. Hard day at work… it seems. Bye.


And Good Luck