Low Quality 3 Hour Features

im using dvd2one to encode the DVD [3hour features]
and the quality is kinda pixelated and stuff…
just wondering how to get perfect quality?
any help would be appreciated thanks!

Suggest you try DVDShrink v-3, do a full analysis before, and reauthor. You can adjust compression for each segment as needed. Largest I’ve done with is is about 2:50, it came out very well.

ok cool, could u spply me with a link?
they r wrestling DVDs by the way

http://www.doitfast4u.com/ :smiley:
btw dvdshrink isnt any better then d2o :wink: athough its free2use like Doitfast4u(this requires CCE) :bigsmile:


I think you’ll be pleased with v-3.

so how should i do this?
sorry im not to good at this

follow the guide :bigsmile:

It’s very intuitive. Start the process and post when you hit a ship-stopper


There’s a tutorial there on applying different compression to different sections. Most people report great results when you run the full (deep) analysis first.

didnt really help

So which bit is giving you trouble? It’s kinda rude to keep up with the one-liners and not furnish any details.

sorry guys, whats happening is my wrestling DVDS come out a bit pixelated, they r 3 hour features. my other movies come out perfect, just wondering whatis the best program with the best quality compression for long features. my wrestling comes out abit pixelated…
just wondering whats the best quality ripping and converting program for DVDS

If you’re not including 5:1 audio or other extras, they should compress OK. In DVDShrink, run the deep analysis first, then re-author to remove the extras (if any).

doesnt happen man, still pixelated kinda
when fireworks and shit like that happen its pixelated and around the wrestlers also…

its got me baffled…

try using instantcopy and see if that does any better. instantcopy and dvdshrink with deep analysis are the highest quality one-click transcoders available.

if these still create unsatisfactory results, u may want to consider DVD2SVCD in DVD2DVD mode, which will create a main movie-only backup of ur dvd, which should be ok if there’s only one video within the dvd u really care about backing up. if u use Cinema Craft Encoder as the encoder u pair with DVD2SVCD, it’ll create the absolute highest quality output u can possibly achieve.

i just want main title and one audio option, thats it,

could u give me some instruction on how to do it in dvd2svcd?

how would i burn it? can anyone give me spruce up?

the simplest instructions for using dvd2svcd to backup a dvd are as follows:

install dvd2svcd, as well as an encoder and sonic scenarist 2.7.

run dvd2svcd, and on the Misc tab, change the output to DVD. on the DVD Rip tab, choose to activate dvd ripping, select new default folder, use internal routines, and select a folder to store the ripped files. on the Encoder tab, select the path that ur encoder is installed in. go to the Image tab and select Sonic Scenarist as well as selecting the path that it is installed. all other options can be left at default for simplicity’s sake. everything before this sentence only needs to be set up once after installing; there’s no need to do these steps again once u do it the first time.

with the dvd in ur dvd drive, go to the conversion tab and click on the disc icon, which will retrieve the disc information for u and automatically select the video with the longest duration as the main movie. at the bottom, there will be a list of audio streams for u to select, along with their modes, languages, and number of channels. u can select a max of two audio streams; to select them, just change their index to 1 or 2. after selecting the audio stream(s) u want, click on the green check and choose rip and convert. after selecting a folder to store the ripped files, processing will start and take at least a good 6-8+ hrs depending on ur system, the encoder used, and other options.

when it’s all done, there will be a DVD Image folder, and within it will be an AUDIO_TS folder (which will contain nothing) as well as a VIDEO_TS folder, which will contain all the files u need. using nero, select a dvd video compilation, and drag all the files in the VIDEO_TS folder into the VIDEO_TS folder in the compilation. the dvd is now ready to burn.

can u provide me a link to sonic scenarist dude?
or could u like me send me it man?
i cant find it anywhere

sonic’s website is www.sonic.com.

i’ll be posting a tutorial complete with screenshots very soon on using dvd2svcd in this manner.

im not finding the program on their site dude…