Low Price Dvd-r Media in Uk

Hi all,

I’ve been using blankdiscshop.co.uk for all my media.
Mainly purchased 4x ritek DVD-R with printable surface, trouble is they cant source any more and I’ve ran out! Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can get hold of some ??? Anywhere as long as they are cheap(ish) and ship to UK.


Bigpockets have a special offer on them. (bigpockets.co.uk)

just thought id give you a heads up if your new to dvd writing.

STAY AWAY FROM PRINCO, expecially bulkpaq, datasafe dont seem to be so bad.

there longetivity is crap. i wrote tons of bulqpaq media about 3 months ago and now NONE of them work on standalone dvd players, only on my PC. :frowning:

Dont know what is wrong with bigpockets website but ive figured out that you just replace the ? mark with a number. so the ritek would be £25?..i think

The blankdiscshop does have Verbatim printables @ £1.65.
True, they’re 2x speed, not 4x, but they’re very reliable - and a good price.

www.lynxdvd.co.uk is another first class supplier. Stock varies from day to day, so they may be worth a visit.


http://www.rivierapublishing.co.uk/ is also not bad…



Thanks for your replies !
I’ve used ritek discs only for the last 3 months. Didnt think about longetivity of discs, better check the ones I did right at the start.

Thanks again for your replies


Use Intenso DVD-Rs from www.cd-rmedia.co.uk - had no problems in my Sony DVD writer or in any standalone DVD player (and I’ve tested quite a lot!)


is the cheapest 2x verbatim 25 spindle £37 delivered not bad eh!