Low Performance score



In an attempt to speed-up my laptop, I have upgraded to 4g memory, but performance ck shows the low score is based on installed Graphics ATI Radeon X1200. Would an upgrade to a faster/larger card increase my computer performance.:confused: Satellite Model P205D


Well short answer yes, if you upgrade your video card you would get a higher score (if thats your lowest score on windows 7).

Long answer, I dont think laptop video cards can be upgraded, at least on the couple I own it doesnt seem like you can, seems like the only things you can upgrade on laptops are HDD, RAM, and CD/DVD Burner (on some).

Laptops are not really meant for performance anyway, they are designed with portability and battery power in mind, so even if you could upgrade I don’t believe the increase would be worth the $$ spent on it. My 2 cents, if you want a performance computer you should probably consider investing in a desktop instead of laptop upgrades.


I called a computer shop that specializes in laptops because I wanted to get a faster cpu for my Compaq and they told me it’s not even worth doing cuz it costs so much, they told me I’m better off just getting a new one. He also told me pretty much what the above poster said, RAM and HDD is about the only things worth upgrading on a laptop.


I’m sure they know more than I, but it’s odd that if a login and search for a card on Crucial.com, it will show a card. They have software that will ID your computer systam ,then bring up upgrades for your particular computer. ?? Will probably contact their Tech section and just ask Thanks Again!



normally, discrete VGA is soldered onto the motherboard. Exceptions from that rule are laptops that are available with different VGA options. And in that case, there is no free market for such modules (they MUST fit for your own laptop!), and prices are ridiculously high.

You may try if this driver does help somewhat: http://support1.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/display-20091104135527.zip

I am slightly confused since you reported a X1200 VGA which is - if I remember correctly - chipset integrated. Toshiba website tells something about a Radeo 2600 :confused:




A new way to speed up your laptop is swapping out your 2.5 HardDrive for a 2.5 SolidStateDrive. I just got one for my desktop from Newegg for $145 shipped-eh