Low noise DVD writer?

Which are the CD readers and DVD writers with lowest noise? No regard about the speed or formats.

The NEC ND-2500A is the quietest DVD Burner I’ve owned so far…


NEC :rolleyes:

according to Chip Magazine (Italian edition), the best one with less noise (and winner of the test between 9 models) is the Teac DV-W58GK, which got a no noise grade of 100% (1.9 Sone).
while NEC 2500 took 50% noise (which is about 4 Sone).
the worst was MSI MS-8408 DR8A 25% (5 Sone).

this was one of the reasons i am not going to buy a nec…

in the magazine there is no Liteon test, what about it?

As you can see from my signature, I own an NEC, a Pioneer, and a LiteON. If I had to part with two drives, leaving myself with only one, I would gladly pick the NEC as the drive I’d keep. It is definetly the quietest DVD drive I own, even when burning at 8x Z-CLV for DVDs or 32x Z-CLV for CD-Rs. By far the loudest DVD drive I own is the LiteON.


Yep i agree
My NEC 2500A is the quietest drive of any of the CD or DVD drives I’ve owned.
Wish I could afford to outfit all my computers with one

Though obsolete for most users, I have ND-1100A and ND-1300A and both are quite silent.

Agreed. The NEC hardware is amongst the most quite writing hardware I have used.

For comparisons sake:

LiteON SOHW-832S == Jet Engine

NEC ND-2510A == Small whispering not very loud thing