Low level TV recordings - LiteOn 5006

Hi y’all,

My first post here, and I hope it’s not too dumb a question. Haven’t found any info with a search, so…

I’m getting dvd’s with low volume levels, recording from Sat TV with my 5006 (USA).

I know of no way to adjust the input volume levels before recording. Is there a setting I don’t know about?

The LiteOn manual has been very disappointing with regard to this and most subjects that have come up.

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

Welcome to the CD Freaks forum :wink:

Unfortunately, the Lite-On models do not offer input volume sensitivity, which means that connected equipment that either gives out an unusually low or high volume will result in a weak audio recording or audio clipping.

I would recommend checking if your satellite receiver box has a built-in volume control. For example, if there is a volume control on your satellite remote control, then start a test recording to DVD and adjust the volume way down and up. Now playback the recording to see if the volume varies in the recording. If so, then there is a good chance that the DVD recorder is hooked up to the wrong output of the satellite receiver (such as TV-Out instead of the other output).

However, if the the satellite’s volume control is not the issue or your satellite receiver does not have a volume control, the only other way of correcting the volume is through some sort of pre-amplifier.

I believe this is an issue with the recorder itself. I have a LVW-5005 which records with LOW volume from both my TV and my VHS tapes.