Low burst rates on SATA and IDE drives


I have noticed problem with on BenQ DW1650: when doing a TRT, beyond the 2.5 Gig mark the transfer speed starts to drop. I’m almost sure this is a mainboard problem, cause the burst rate test shows only 17MB/s, what is pretty low, even for an IDE drive.
Then i did a busrt rate test on my SATA Samsung SH-203N, what is only 30MB/s.
My HDD transfer rates also seem to be suspiciosly low - for a SATA II drive.

I’m using a Gigabyte P35-DS3R board with the latest BIOS and Windows XP installed.

Do you have a suggestion what could be wrong ? I guess its not the cables, as the problem is present on every drive.

Thanks in advance for your help

Not familiar with Giga mobos, I’ve to admit (always owned Asus). :wink:

I ussume your opticals are connected to the Giga “sataii” chip connectors, (blue ones for sata burner).
And as a general start of troubleshooting; make sure you have those Giga “sata” drivers installed, also check in bios that Giga chip runs in IDE mode.
[I]Note,[/I] Giga chip is feeded by PCI Express bus (x1).

More H/W details and a pic of devicemanager (with opticals drives and how they are connected) expanded would help.

BTW, what type of graphic card do you use and how is your PSU rated.

only by Benq is connected to the Giga (JMicron Chip) - as it is an IDE drive, all my sata drives are on the ICH9R. The ICH9R is in AHCI mode and the JMircon in IDE. I have not installed the drivers for the JMicron chip, as my windows completelly freezed with them several seconds after start.

But i guess this is not a problem with the JMicron controller, as my SATA drive has also slow burst rates.

My HDD transfer rates are OK ?

My full configuration is as below:

MB: Gigabyte P35-DS3R
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 + Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro,
RAM: 2x1GB A-data Vitesta Extreme DDR2 800 Mhz
GPU: Powercolor ATi Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB GDDR3 + Arctic Cooling Accelero X2,
HDD: Hitachi T7K500 500GB DVDRW: Samsung SH-S203N SB01 FastBurn, BenQ DW1650 BCDC
PSU: Corsair VX450,
CASE: Thermaltake Aguila
LCD: Philips 170S6


unless you are running a Raid configuration, try the IDE mode for the ICH9.


Michael, i will try it, however it wont slove the problem with my BenQ as its on a different controller

Could be caused by some (virtual drive) software maybe? There were two threads in the Lite-On forum recently:


[quote=molnart;2040292]Michael, i will try it, however it wont slove the problem with my BenQ as its on a different controller[/quote]Well, that Jmicrap controller is a different chapter…
Maybe a Silicon Image 680 based IDE controller works better with that drive.



Thank you Cressida, the problem discribed in that topic seems to be extremely similar to mine. I think itwill be Alcohol 120%, because i noticed that since i updated to a newer version of Alcohol the windows startup screen is very choppy (the fadin is at 0,5 Fps approx).

As soon as i get home i will drive unistalling Alcohol to see if it helps.

finally i have it. the problem was not in Alcohol but in its SPTD interface (whatever it is).
Thanks for your help

Interesting… Windows has it’s own command line tool for creating virtual drives so not sure why everyone’s uses daemon tools and the like

maybe because noone knows about that function and probably it can mount .iso, .mds and similar files and cant circumvent copy protections ?

btw. the problem returned when i installed Deamon tool, it seems that any version of SPTD is causing this problem…