Low Burst rate?

I was checking my GSA-H22L busrt rate with Nero CD-Speed and it is only 27 mb. My other UDMA4 drive is around 44 mb. I swapped drives around to IDE0, IDE1, master, slave and no matter how I install the LG it is only around 27 MB on the burst test. DMA is on and shows UDMA4 in Windows control panel. I also do not have any Nvidia drivers installed. Is this burst rate normal?

I’m getting 37 MB/s here on Intel chipset.

I also have a 27-29 MB/sec burst rate. ALi chipset. I can try this on a Promise ATA controller.

I am udma 4 and also get 27-29 MB/sec burst rate

But no problems burning 18x :slight_smile:

I get a 32-34 MB/s burst rate thru my Promise controller. But I can’t burn anything now. It appears that Promise doesn’t work well with optical drives.

You’ll need to use a pci controller card that has the silicon image 680 chipset for dvd burners.

Thanks guys, it looks like 27 mb/s is about normal. I was worried that my drive had a problem. My Lite-on 165H6S shows 44 mb/s. BTW I have a Nvidia chipset with 2 IDE and 4 SATA II. My HD is on the SATA II port and my four optical drives are on the IDE ports.

Thanks for the info. It confirms what I have read. I guess most of the reviewers of my Promise card never tried burning anything. It doesn’t matter much anyway for various reasons. I just tried a simulated burn and my system can only feed my burner barely at 12x (ie 8x burns). Can’t max out my burns even if I wanted to.


It depends on the controller chipset. There are indeed some Promise (NON-RAID!) controllers, that can handle optical drives including DVD burners.

Also, there are some drives, that are really picky about the controller they are connected to.