Low audio

I triad to copy a dvd video in a single dvd, but in the backup dvd audio is very low, why??

Check your television-set!
DVD2OneX doesn´t touch the Audio-Streams at all.

If you select Dolby 5.1(6ch sound), when processing and then play it on a system that doesn’t have 5.1, then the sound level will be lower, than with 2 ch sound…

I experienced the same problem,

The backup dvd had a slight lower sound and the stereo field was narrowed… and I do have a dolby prologic amplifier but I use the virtual surround of my dvd player which does great job otherwise… and yes I use a 2 speaker system

I dont have ths problem when I’m multiplexing the program files with other programs like dvdstudio pro or Sizzle.

HELP!!! I was praying for this program but altough everybody is trying to convience me that that the audio isnt changed there is a notiseable change in the audio (on a 2speaker system)

Can something be done about it? :rolleyes:

Next time try keeping the 2.0 soundtrack instead of the 5.1!
Any change in soundtrack is, and i know this sounds a bit harsh, your setups fault.

5.1 soundtracks when played in stereo are allways less powerfull then the original 2.0 mix!


hmmmmm… I didnt really have a choice… de stereo track was the french overdubbed version… and I dont really wanted it…

so if it is a setup problem why when I demuxed the elemetry streams and then recorded them the sound was no problem at all??? And sounded as it should be even on a 2 speaker system?

Did we find a bug or room for improvement?

I experienced the this problem only once before to tell the truth and it was when I used Sizzle to make a dvd… in the audio settings of sizzle you need to select DRC and SURROUND, if I dont do that then I get the same thing than with DTOX, maybe that can help?

What part of DVD2one doesn’t touch the audio you don’t understand? :slight_smile:

If you demuxed it, your demux program most likely procest the audio files. (like most ac3 demuxers do if they demux it to a 2 channel wav file!)
It seems that your surround receiver process the audio different then your MAC.

But i can asure you, DVD2one is not going to process audio files EVER!, why not, simply we need to build a AC3 encoder/decoder.
Not only is that a masive amount of work, but more importantly it costs money, lots of money!
Since Dolby labs is not giving away the licences of their encoder patents.

GUYS I believe you that it isnt touching the audio… :bow:

ok so I demuxed the vob file into the elementry files and my audio isnt a wav file but a regular ac3 file which my dvd player sees as a 5.1 6 chanel audio.

The level i can live with (thats why amplifiers are for) but the most distingued difference is THE STEREO FIELD is narrowed. I’m not a programmer nor will I ever try to but I do have a massive experience in audio recording and there is an AUDIBLE difference which I dont have with other programs execpt when I dont use the propper settings for Sizzle…

Again great program, as i sayed before i was praying for something like this but maybe is it worth checking out what Sizzle does with its surround setting bacause I know sizzle isnt an audio encoder aswell but as audio goes for some reason the audio is better with the surround setting enabled there… :confused: and by better i dont mean louder…


I too experienced the same problem.

If I play my original dvd (using POWERDVD XP) and then play my backup dvd+r, the audio volume is definitely LOWER on the backup dvd+r (same system , same setup, full dvd-backup). I also tried the same experiment on my standalone player (DAEWOO DVG 3000N) with the same results.

I understand what is being said about the audio not being ‘touched’ in any way whatsoever, but maybe some other factor is causing this problem.

There are obviously MAJOR DIFFERENCES between the backup dvd+r and the original dvd, such as disc reflectivity, encoding, format etc, etc …maybe something in there is causing this anomaly ???

I leave it to the experts.

Thank You.

1.7 Ghz P4
Asus P4T motherboard
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
80 GB HD -Maxtor
Sony DRU500A burner (TDK 2.4 x +R Media) Firmware 2.0F
Toshiba SDM 1212 DVD ROM

DVD2ONE ver 113
NERO 551028

dont think its the media… i made 2 dvd on the same brand and one (the demuxed one) sounded exactly as the original the other who i made with DTOX had the narrowed soundfield

could it be a file or command problem, I dont know as i sayd i’m clueless in programming…

Dvd20ne does not process the audio.
What it will do though, is put the audio that you choose, into the output folder.

If you choose only to have 5.1 6ch sound, then the volume will be lower than 2 ch sound.
If you choose both 6ch & 2ch sound, you need to select the one you wish to listen to.

At the risk of making myself really unpopular :bigsmile:

Ive been copying a movie which had only a 6 channel audio on it and the only other stereo files were the other languages that i indeed didnt select…

as I said in my previous post with only that audio file i have made 2 disks: 1 which I compiled with the demuxed files (only the 6 chanel audio and de M2v file that I had to spread on 2 dvd because of 50meg surplus…) the other i made with DTOX image quality was great but the sound wasnt…

so what did I do wrong? the demuxed disks sounded like the original but the dtox one lacked the surround “feel”.

Doesnt matter I think what my setup is it didnt sound like the original… and indeed i checked it on my standalone-dvd both files were recognized as being 5.1 audio…

so now that we firmly established that DTOX doesnt touch the sound maybe there is another problem :eek: