Low audio in PSP mode

First time poster here. I’ve been trying to convert dvds for use with my psp. I select the > FW3.3 profile and select 128 kb/s for audio and have tried boosting the audio 150 - 500 % but no matter what, the audio is really low. I’ve tried dvdfab platinum and videofab Funny thing is when I use dvdfab platinum, I can get the audio output much louder. Is this a bug with dvdfab 5?:frowning:

That profile uses the AAC audio codec and I use it for many conversions and have not noticed low audio levels. I don’t have installed any longer but I do have installed and that version’s >3.3 profile is identical as far as audio related settings is concerned. It may be a different version of the codec in the newer version. Ting would have to answer this one for you. Does it do it with all DVDs?

Yes, I backed up 40 or so of my dvds and have noticed it with all. I’ve tried ripping the disk to HDD first and then converting the files as well as just converting the dvd from the disc itself. I get the same results whether or not it is an original or a backup copy. I meant to say that I’m using [U]v4.1.2.0 [/U]and I prefer to rip the disc to HDD with dvdfab and then converting, so that my optical drives aren’t spinning incessantly. I just have to redo them with 4120 for now. It really sucks that I deleted all the temp files after conversion. :frowning: BTW… thanks for the fast response.:slight_smile:

I will try a couple with>3.3 and>3.3 and see if I can hear any difference on some of the players I have.


I have not change the audio volume logic in recently version, but I will check it.

another problem. the low volume is play in PC player or PSP ?


Hi Ting
I think jcp2 meant playback on the PSP.

^^^ Yes the low volume is especially noticeable in psp mode. I have no limiters engaged in the psp settings. The low volume also carries over to when I output to my car stereo. I have to really crank up the stereo to hear it over road noise. Everything is good with though.

[QUOTE=signals;2230701]I will try a couple with>3.3 and>3.3 and see if I can hear any difference on some of the players I have.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Signals.:bow:

Bump. Anyone?

Never mind, I just tried and it seems to be all good now.:smiley: