Love my NEC 3540A burner



Been using my new NEC 3540A OEM since last Wednesay, and its burned every blank DVD media I threw at it. Fuji 8x DVD+R, Verbatim 16x DVD+R, Sony8x DVD+R, and Memorex 8x DVD+R. That was a rare treat for me because I couldnt get any of them to burn on my Plextor 716A. I only had one batch of Fuji 8x DVD+R 100 pack that would work until I ran out of them. And yes I had the latest FIRMWARE installed. I had them all sitting on my shelf because I couldnt get them to work with the Plextor. So I did some checking and read nothing but good reveiws about NEC 3540A, so I order one from for only $41 dollars and $4 dollars for shipping. Heck, I could have bought 3 of them for the price of 1 Plextor. :a So like I said, " I love my new NEC 3540A burner"! If and when it takes a crap like my Plextor did, then I would hate it. :smiley: But I would only be out $45 dollars instead of $130 dollars plus tax what I paid for the Plextor last fall which is still at the same price today at Best Buy in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Very happy to hear that you like the 3540 - I like mine very much also-

btw - Newegg has them for $40 shipped - on sale right now - great price for a great burner IMO-



Bummer, I could have saved $5 bucks if I waited a week later, oh well. :doh: Yes, NEC 3540A the best drive I own! I only own 3 all together, first one was a HP 200j burner which was a piece of crap. Then the second one I own was a Plextor 716A, which worked great until I use up all my Fuji 8x DVD+R 100 pack disc. Then it was a nightmare trying to find media that would work for it. I found out later, that the first batch of Plextor 716A they came out with had server problems. Which I found out the hard way.


What software are you using with your 3540A to burn and rip? (must be the software that’s making it work so well :bigsmile: )

? :cool: ?


I use the Liggy 101ebt from here:

Stock NEC firmware with riplock removed and bitsetting - and works great!!



What’s this about riplock removed vs not removed?

I see you have Nero 6.6 in your sig. I missed that before. I guess you got it from somewhere else than with your OEM drive. I wish I could find a retail box version with Nero.



Newegg sells a retail version of the drive that comes with Nero. But if you read the reviews, it appears that some people are having problems with the cd.

If all you want is Nero, Surplus Computers has it.

And here’s an explanation for riplock.


Thanks for the info RickDriver.

I wish the box version was in beige not black or included a beige faceplate.



I started this thread in Aug 2005. Was my first review of the NEC 3540A burner after owning it for a week. Now its Dec 18, almost 5 month later. The NEC 3540A burner ripping and burning like it did on the first day I took it out of the package. No problems what so ever. Still burning any blank DVDs I put in it. Never had a coaster, and I burned over 150 disc since I first bought it 5 months ago.