Lousy DVD video?

Just bought a DVD burner (Benq 1625)…and have an odd problem, I think.
The DVD’s video when playing in my player hooked up to the tv, ain’t good.
When there’s movement on the screen… you can sort of see individual squares that make up the image. When the image on the screen is fairlly still, it looks fine. So… I’ve got a Pent III 900mhz 512 ram using Windows 2000 (ya its an old system), so the encoding of avi, etc files takes forever!!, but would that be the reason for poor vob files??? I’m using Taiyo Yuden (Fuji), DVD +R 8x discs to record on (at 8x)… with DVD Santa. Haven’t tried
-R media yet. I know I’m messing up someplace… just not sure where.



How about a pressed factory disk? If a pressed disk looks ok, try a different ripping/ burning solution . Many good ones out there… :slight_smile:

I made experiences with your problem, when I compress files to much and convert avi
files with a lower resolution. Especially what you’ve said on fast movements.
If you’ve dvd files, which are to big I would burn them on a dl disc or splitting on 2 discs.
With avi files i would try another combination to look for some changes.
A pressed original factory disc should looks always ok, except when there are
heavy scratches on it!

Either your original files are lower quality (which might not be as noticable on a computer monitor as a tv due to size and resolution diffrences) or the conversion is to blame. If the originals are lower quality, thiers not much you can do about that. As far as the conversion, thier are a lot of diffrent avi formats. My experience is limited here but I kind of get the impression that if one program doesn’t do a good job with a particular file format you can just try another program and it often works. Give nero express a try if you have it (or thier is a free trial). Thier are also lots of other all in one conversion programs, some of which are free.
If you really want the best quality, you can do it the harder way (it’s not really that much harder, thiers just a lot more to learn) and use several programs, doing each step one at a time instead of letting one program do all the steps. For that route, use the guides.
Just select a format conversion.

ripit explains this well, however I have some further (easier) advice…

A “blocky” output when you view the ripped disk on a TV is almost guarenteed to be due to over compression of the original… OR… the ripping program could have corrupted the data somehow. (This is a common problem with converting standard AVI files to DVD format)

Before you try anything else, you should try DVDShrink (www.dvdshrink.org). Its a freeware program which works extremely well IMO.

The trick to getting the highest quality is to navigate through the different sections of your original disk, and de-select as many Extras or Foreign Langugae tracks as possible. The aim is to keep the compression% as near to 100% of the original as possible.

Either that… or find some nice 8.5Gb Dual layers… but thats too easy :smiley: