Loud Speakers?



I want some speakers that are loud enough so I can drum with my drumset.

Is there any Really Loud Speakers that can connect to a Laptop that can give me that kind of Volume?

I have a 800 Watt Sharp 5-Disc MP3 Player with 4 speakers & a 400 Watt Subwoofer that is just barely loud enough to drum with.

I paid about $380 for this Sharp MP3 5-Disc System.

I don’t want to sacrifice quality of sound though with volume.

Is there any Speakers that I can buy that I can hook up to my Sharp MP3 System to get more volume?

I don’t want to pay over $500.00 for these Speakers.

What would be the best thing to do?

Any answers will be appreciated.:slight_smile:



How much do you want to spend on this endeavor?


I wouldn’t want to spend over $500.

Can you answer any of my other questions that I asked?



The reason I asked about funding is that if you can’t spend enough then you can’t solve the problem. IMO, $500 isn’t going to be enough as buying speakers and amps to provide continuous clean power to produce very high volume sound requires high end equipment. Do some research (Google is your friend) and then I recommend looking for high quality used gear on ebay. JBL is a brand that makes the type of equipment you are looking for and prices for their used stuff is reasonable. I suggest you look into their line of amps and speakers for stage use. BTW, my guess is that your current equipment can provide the “line in” signal but it can’t produce the sound volume continuously that you are looking for.


What would the Speakers & Amps Plug Into Exactly?

I want to play MP3 CD’S that I make on my Laptop so that I can drum with them on my Drumset.

Keep in mind that this is going to be inside.

I just want it to be louder & better sound quality than my Sharp 800 Watt MP3 5-Disc System I have now.

Thanks For The Reply!:cool:


Here is some pictures of my System I have now.

I mainly use it for my DVD Home Theater System Now.

It is still loud but not quite loud enough for my Drumset.

I can hear it over my Drumset by not by much.

Remember I make MP3 CD’s with my Laptop to Drum along with so I will have over 100 songs on 1 CD.

I need Speakers & as you said a amp that will deliver the sound & quality better than these without spending thousands.

What System would I hook the Speakers & Amps To?










I found these speakers on Yahoo Answers.
Will they work for me?


This thread is old but the best answer for you under $500 dollars is a good set of headphones. Shure, Grados, or others in this category. If you go for the more expensive cans, you may want to also invest in a good headphone amp to go along with them as some of them can be power hungry and a normal line out sounds weak with them. $500 should get a pretty nice setup here.

I wear earphones plugged into my drums and my Rolands have a line in that I plug into the line out on my PC. With a little adjusting, you can blend MP3s quiet nicely into your drumming in the headphones.

If your drums don’t have a line in, just reverse the theory, plug the drums out into the Line-in on the soundcard and listen to your headphones from the sound card and mix levels as needed.

Either way, you will need a couple of appropriately lengthed headphone extension cords. A cheap investment.


Cambridge Soundworks


Unfortunately new speakers won’t help you if you plan to hook them up to that Sharp system. You will need decent speakers, which could be had for $500, but you will also need new amplification. I suspect that the Sharp doesn’t have a pre-out which would make it possible for you to use an external amplifier, in which case you’ll reall need a new system. Since you’re budget minded, you may want to go for a decent reciever instead of seperates - you may be able to get a good stereo (as opposed to multi-channel surround sound) reciever at a reasonable price - try NAD, Outlaw Audio, or even Denon, or Yamaha.

I’d go for used equipment. Try www.audiogon.com for both speakers and reciever and use an ipod, cd or DVD player as the source.