Loud noise and vibration after closing benq 1640 tray

Hi, i bought the benq 1640 drive a couple of days ago, all seems to be fine except for the fact that most of the times right after the tray goies inside the drive with a DVD or CD in it, there is a loud noise and vibration in the drive, some CDs i had don´t seem to have that problem but most of them do, including the nero CD which came inside the box and most of the only 10 Verbatim DVDs i have, this doesn´t seem to affect neither the drive´s ability to read/write nor the DVDs but i worry about the medium/long term integrity of the drive/media, is there a way to solve this? Thank you!

Loud noise and vibration is not normal for this drive. That said, you should hear the motor spinning up when it burns/reads at 8x or higher which sounds like a fan blowing air.

It actually does this awful noise when the drive starts reading the media as if the discs were completely unbalanced, what is not true since my previous LG drive shows no problem with those discs, during the read/write it doesn´t make any strange noise, i must point out that my drive was made in China in August 2005, should i ask for a replacement?

Well I’ve had a number of defective 1640 units (none August China 2005 tho) and I’ve not had this particular issue. Sounds like you should check and see if the drive is properly mounted in your case and perhaps try using some compressed air to blow out the inside when the drive tray is open. If you are still getting unbalanced discs, the drive tray could be warped (maybe the drive was exposed to heat during shipping?). I’d also try flashing to BSLB as the drive recalibration process was updated with this firmware. Probably wise to RMA if all else fails. :frowning:

  • yes: this drive is normally fairly quiet & refined.

Thankx all, i think ill have to ask a replacement which i really didn´t want to since i bought my Benq in a small store. i flashed to BSLB but didn´t solve the problem, i found a thread with the same problem but unlike this thread this happens to most of my media:

It´s a shame since the few DVD burns i´ve done so far had an impressive quality but this noise is definitely not normal