Loud buzzing noise from 1640

hi all,

i have a 1640 which i bought a few weeks back but have hardly used (been away).

it’s been working fine with the few discs that i’ve thrown at it, but today i was using it to install CoD2 off an original DVD, and when the drive spins up it makes this horrendous buzzing noise like something is grinding on something. it doesn’t seem to affect the drive’s ability to read the disc (everything installed fine), but it sounds awful. it also does it with the 2nd (bonus) CoD2 disc. both discs can be read perfectly (it seems), and they come out completely unscathed.

any ideas? i tried the disc in my lite-on dvd-rom and it sounded perfectly normal.

Does the BenQ make this noise with all discs, or just these?
The disc(s) could be out of balance. I think LiteOn drives can handle this better than most.
Of course It could be something else…

Also taking in account CoD disc2 has SafeDisc 3.10 protection, this isn’t surprising. :stuck_out_tongue:

BenQ’s in general are not good readers of copy protected media… Liteys are!

hum, ok. i guess i’ll just not use the disc in that drive. is it worth returning the drive for a replacement?

If it works fine with other discs then there is no point in returning it. Like others have said, either the disc is poorly balanced or the copy protection is giving the drive a hard time. :slight_smile:

If those are the only discs that give trouble, I would not RMA the drive if it were me.

I think I hear the same noise coming from my 1640.
My first burn with this drive was also not very good. This is my second 1640 after the first one was stolen, but the burn quality of the first one was much better. Maybe it’s wise to RMA the drive.

Why not scan your 1640 burn with your 1640, using Nero CD-DVD Speed?

I think the disk is unbalanced.

thanks withered…i guess benq’s are more fussy about these things than other drives (well my liteon 163 reader at least)?

I think you hit the nail on the head eric, I had that noise with Madagascar and today with War of the Worlds, no other discs.

I have the same buzzing noise when i have starforce protected discs in my drive so i would say its the copy protection all other discs are fine they dont make weird sounds.

Flawless, can you scan that disc again in the 1640 :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a pretty good call eric, I never would have thought of that. It is the copy protection.

Oke here is the scan in the 1640 using nero cd-dvd speed. Does not change the result. Looks even worse now. I want my old drive back :sad:

Repeated the test just to be sure. Here are the result. What do you think. Is it a bad burn?

Try some other types of discs - part of your problem here is that the BenQ 1640 does not have a strategy for RicohJPNR01 unless you create one with Media Code Speed Edit. I’d suggest using RicohJPNR03 for the strategy and burning at 8x.

Thanks for the tip. I changed the writing strategy as you suggested and here are the results. :bow:

Out of curiosity, how does using the R03 strategy compare with using the strategies from R02?
With OverSpeed disabled that gives me burn speed of 8x and qs’s around 97.

BTW, the standard scanning speed for BenQ drives is 8x,
rather than 4x like LiteOn. :slight_smile: