Lotto buster



I have a cd I would like to copy but everything I tried would not copy the cd
I have tried roxio, clone any cd,game drive , vertual drive and nero 8. I would have purchased another cd but the company went out of business I want some back up cd’s in case something happen to the origenal cd



Try [B]Ashampoo Free[/B] - burn to good quality media like Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s and burn at 24x


Hi draculavp1, welcome to club.myce :slight_smile:

So, if the disc is badly scratched their probably will be problems copying the disc.

I would give IMGburn a try ( Select the option to “create image file from disc”, from there you can write the image file to a disc.


It could also be copy protected as going by the thread title this sounds like it could be a commercial software disc.