Lots of trouble backuping (reading) in the pc dvd-rw video discs recorded in dvd-rw standalone recorder



Hi! i am new here, so i hope this is the right place to post this, since i was unable to find a place for a dvd-rw recorder. sub-forum here.

The problem is that i have a new standalone dvd-rw recorder (brand “Funai”, model : W4C-D4180DB) and it is able to record movies in VR format and dvd-video format. Altough it does record better in dvd-rw discs than in dvd+rw discs. But i have been having a lot of trouble making backups to dvd+r (or dvd-r) discs using the pc, because DVD decryptor is always saying that the 4gb dvd has 8gb instead, and it’s clearly indicated on the disc itself that is a 4gb one, and according to the free space in the standalone dvd recorder it is indeed a 4gb disc. And when i record dvd+rw discs on it it always reads correctly, altough the standalone dvd recorder has some problems writing the menus sometimes since it’s not fully compatible with dvd+rw according to what it says in the manual, even tough it records the movies well and are well accepted in the pc.

By the way it has the same problems reading when it was recorded in VR or dvd-video format.

Now, i have tried this in different pc dvd recorders, and this problem is always the same, i am unable to record dvd-rw discs that read correctly. When the disc is read incorrectly like this on the pc, there isn’t really anything i can do ? I already tried doing this with the dvd-rw being open, and with a closed session and the result is the same.

Also the problem isn’t the brand of the disc either, it does this in any disc brand i choose.

I also tried other dvd backup software but it always gives lots of read errors in the dvd, while in the standalone dvd-rw recorder it reads perfectly!!

Is it normal that any pc dvd recorder has so many trouble reading any DVD-RW recorded in standalone dvd recorders?