Lots of stuttering when playing .ts videos from the DVD burner...help



Ive many .ts videos that I am trying to run directly from the DVD burner but it stutters basically all the time. I guess there could be some cache tweak for something. Is the DVD not able to keep up with the high bit rate of HD videos?


First of all, check if the burner has DMA enabled in device manager. If it is enabled, I’d suspect the media. Run a Nero CD/DVD Speed quality scan + transfer curve. (I assume you got a BenQ burner or OEM since you chose to post here).


Yes I have the 1625 lightscribe. My media is Ridata 16x DVD+R


I just bought some Maxell DVD+R High Grade Video to try another media and the same thing happens. Anyone has any ideas…how about my graph on top…is that good or bad?


If the spindle of that Maxell DVD+R media says MADE IN JAPAN then it’s considered good quality media. If the spindle says MADE IN TAIWAN then the quality is not the greatest in my opinion. :wink:


That’s old firmware. Try newer f/w also


I am researching but in the meantime which one you think is the best 1625 firmware?


Ok I just updated the firmware and aside from faster burning (I think) the problem persists. I am sharing the IDE with a Hardisk just in case but when playing the DVD the HD is not been accessed so I dont think that could be the problem.
Is there anyway to raise the windows cache for my DVD or some tweak like that?