Lots of small DIVX AVIs

I have lots of small AVi files that have been DIVXed that I want to put onto a DVD. I’ve read the DIVX-DVD method elsewhere but want to know if there’s an easier way that entails less purchase of brain-hurting software for a chap who just wants to watch his favourite yellow-skinned pals’ antics from the comfort of his armchair.

Also, does it matter that there will be more than one file in the VIDEO_TS folder?

Thanks - this place is a goldmine!

TMPGEnc Plus will make the avi’s into DVD compatible mpegs. TMPGEnc DVD Author will make the AUDIO/VIDEO _TS folders and burn them

Simplest is to convert each avi to dvd compliant files with Mainstream MPEG Encoder, but will be lower quialty than using CCE. Then just author all the converted avi’s in TMPGEnc DVD Author adding a Menu if you want.

OK, I’m getting there, thanks chaps.

Next question. These decompressed avi’s looked fine when I used TMPGEnc and made VCDs. (They’re 320x240 and 128kb/sec) Now TMPGEnc with the wizard is making them into big .m2v and .wav files. Am I making pointlessly bigger files than the original source needs, and would I be just as well going back to making VCD-type mpegs before authoring them?

Thanks again.

.m2v and .wav files are normal for a DIVX > DVD Conversion. To use those, get TMPGEnc DVD Author which is VERY easy to use. And it will take those files and convert them to proper .vob files. And you can just drag & drop them into any DVD Burning Software such as Nero.

DVD Files will be Substantially bigger than DIVX somtimes 8-9x the size. So you are doing good :slight_smile:

Let me Know How You Do!


I think what’s bugging me is that I might be doing the DVD-burning equivalent of converting an MP3 to a WAV - that is making a big uncompressed file from a compressed one and getting no quality benefit because it’ll only be as good as it was compressed.

Is this a good/bad comparison?

And now that I’ve done the encoding and authoring suggested I can fit 3 x 20-minute cartoons onto one DVD - the same number as I was fitting onto a VCD!

Surely this isn’t right.

It depends on what bitrate you encoded the avi’s to. To get good results, you can fit 2hr’s of AVI reencoded to fit to a dvdr, so for 20 min eps, you should be able to get 6 eps per DVDR.

You’ll save a lot of space if you compress the audio to ac3 or mpeg audio (mpeg1 layer2, or mp2).

If you are satisifed with VCD quality then you can encode it like VCD but use 48 kHz audio sampling frequency and you’ll get DVD compliant files. MPEG1 at VCD resolution is DVD compatible.

A better compromise may be using half D1 resolution - 352x576 PAL or 352x480 NTSC encoded in mpeg2. A bitrate around 2000 kbit/s and ac3 audio at 192 kbit/s and you can fit around 4.5 hours on a DVD.