LOTS of reading here!



Eyeballing the number of threads listed on this site, I was SO astounded that I felt the need to get out the calculator, and then to share the total!

Wow! …Just might surprise some of ya! I got a total of: …179,254!!

(Anybody read um ALL?) …Hope my previous one gets me my need info!


No need for a calculator…total number of threads is listed at the bottom of the forum mainpage:

Threads: 182,054, Posts: 1,579,651, Members: 285,040

Admitted, that also includes threads from closed and hidden forums :wink:


This thread would be good in the LR :bigsmile:

Welcome to the forum, Nero7er :wink:


Done! :flower:




Oh yeah so there is … never noticed that before (btw Tax thanks for me new title)


I think Arachne may have posted in all of them?! :bigsmile:


:eek: How do you know?

Have you checked all of them? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have claws. Big ones.

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course, you realise that 90% of those are in the secret Pr8n forums :wink:
Which are not publicly accessible.
It’s Invitation Only … and you have to be a member that signed up before Y2k due to privacy laws :wink:


LOL what kind of hidden forums are we talking about mate ?


Hidden forums = Moderators forum & the Secret Pr8n forum.


Not quite

Hidden Forums = the Secret Pr8n forum + Sub Forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Mods forum is hidden from standard users :wink:

Don’t tell everyone about the Secret Pr8n Sub forums!
Damn! There’s some good stuff in those :wink:


You just wish you had access… :bigsmile:

As far as the hidden forums…there we discuss all users, if they can stay or have to go…and if they have to go, how we can accomplish this…
Sometimes we decide to be rude, sometimes we decide to be overly nice…and other times we ban them straight away :bigsmile: