Lots of problems-nero, scan disk, samsung SH-162L help needed

Hello anyone,

Im a newbie having trouble burning and understanding/using nero. I have three types of media DVD-R(FUGIFILM03), DVD+R(MBIG101 R04-supposed to be TDK) and DVD+RW(PHILLIPS 041-supposed to be TDK) and an external samsung SH-162L with TS02 firmware with the following issues:

1, The DVD+R/RW media is ok but some of the DVD-R media dosnt seem to play on my DVD player but will on my laptop and a friends player, I have tried disabling all other progs e.g. norton, ZA and burn at x4 which so far has seemed to work.??? why is this?

2, As I had some problems I have tried to investigate by performing Nero CD-DVD Speed but the only option available was the initial speed test. I am unable to do a scan disk test or disk quality test.???

3, I have noticed that the system ASPI installation is incorrect but the nero ASPI is working properly. Is this a problem?

I have attached some screenshots which shows some moe info.

If anyone could shed some light on this I would be greatfull :confused:

Ahem, please attach these info as txt files, not sucky doc.

Nero uses it’s own ASPI driver and I would suggest not to use Nero for DVD VIDEO discs…
I’m using ImgToolBurn and ImgBurn for them.