Lots of pain with my writer


I’m wondering if any of you could possibly help me with this one! However Plextor couldn’t so I’m not sure if anybody else can. Well here’s the story:

My Px-W2410TA is about year old. I bought it very soon after it’s releasing, cause it showed promising in reviews. But now I have got really disappointed with my decision. At first it worked perfectly, but then it began to show problems in writing. Sometimes it gave ‘Power Calibration Error’. First it appeared only with few CDs, and with high writing speed. I just burned these couple ones with little lower speed, and it worked.

Then my writer stopped burning some CD types complitly, again with ‘Power Calibration Errors’. It was in this point, that I contacted Plextor and sended it to fixation. Week later I got my writer with result ‘No Error Found’, ‘Upgrade Firmware’. ???
Ok, I continued with it, with upgraded Firmware, and just buyed CD types that seemed to work. Now things have gone worser all the time. There are only few types of CDs that it will burn, and only with 12x (24x should be max speed). If I try increase speed, I got that ‘Power Calibration Error’ and now a new one ‘Fixation Problem’ too.

I have contacted Plextor again, and after two weeks of waiting and couple times asking, I finally got answer: “This is definitly a problem from the media.” ??!!

Same medias that won’t work with my writer works fine with my friend’s Plextor 16/10/32 (or something). Also with all other of my friends, even with one stone aged HP’s writer too. They said to use only their recommended medias. However there is only one that I can find from my town: TDK’s, and it burn it only with 12x speed.

My question is, what now? Does anybody know what can cause this (I can’t believe it to be media)? What updates and Upgrades I should do to get this peace of crap work?! Can I demand to get my money back of this? Ask me info of my computer if you need it. I don’t know what I should tell. Well Firmware is 1.04 and motherboard is KT7A. Anything else?

If somebody can help me, I’ll go :a :frowning: :confused: :eek: :slight_smile: :smiley: :bigsmile:

I suggest that you stick your 24x into your friend’s system and try that again.

That at least rules out a software and hardware problem with your system excluding your burner.

Im surprised plextor didnt just replace your burner just to make u happy.

Originally posted by max_clif
I suggest that you stick your 24x into your friend’s system and try that again.

Yes I have done that, twice. Near year ago, and second time two weeks ago. First time that we did it my writer was not ill. Second time I wanted to be sure, that my system, or other parts of computer don’t to this (before connecting to Plextor again). Nope, it was not my machine. Same problems with his computer too.

Im surprised plextor didnt just replace your burner just to make u happy.

That’s why I’m really, really, really pissed off now. IT CAN’T BE IN MEDIA!!! (Sorry, I’m not yelling to you)

I just Upgraded my BIOS and Motherboard’s drivers, and found out it had no effect. :frowning:

I always thought Plextor was mark that you can trust, well I must been always wrong.

By the way, does anyone know, that can I demand to get my money back on this? I still got one year warranty left.

OK, I want to solve this thing out, so what upgrades and updates I have to make, that possibly could fix this problem? I already made upgrades to Firmware and Motherboard?

And by the way, what is ‘Power Calibration Error’ or ‘Fixation’ error. Plextor didn’t gave me an answer, when I asked about them.

If you have already tried upgrading your firmware, there isn’t much more you can try. Since your drive gives the same problems when using it on a different computer I think it’s safe to conclude your drive is the problem. A ‘Power Calibration Error’ indicates a problem with the media, or in a worse case a problem with your drive. Since you already tried other media I think your drive is definately broke. Please try some of the recommended media if you can. Here’s some more information on both errors:

Why does the software keep generating a “Power Calibration” or “CD Fixation” error?

CD-R discs have a section outside the standard recording area called the Program Calibration Area (PCA), which is used to adjust the laser for the brand of media you’re using. A CD fixation error means that the laser does not have the ability to close the session anymore. It also means that when the laser is trying to calibrate (power calibration) itself, the calibration is not balanced - it is failing and that is why the laser cannot close the entire disk. The error indicates that the CD-R drive is having trouble calibrating the power setting. Try different brands of media, and if that doesn’t work you should have the drive checked by a repair facility. [/i]
I don’t think you can get your money back. Best thing you can do, when the recommended media also doesn’t work, is to send it back again for repairs…

Thank you really much. Funny thing is that you have been much more help now than Plextor :wink: .

I already tried twice to convince Plextor that the problem must be in drive, not in CDs. Cause the very same CDs works with older model of Plextor. But ok, I’ll try to get as much different recommended CDs as I can, and try them out. I just wonder, that is it enough to convince Plextor, if those CDs won’t work anyway.

Originally posted by Lothraem
I just wonder, that is it enough to convince Plextor, if those CDs won’t work anyway.
I hope so but I can’t say. Normally the Plextor support is quite good and they will replace a drive when it’s indeed damaged. It is of course a problem when they test the drive and no errors occur. But if you’re getting more and more failures with media the drive must be the problem. Just mention that when returning your drive. Please try (if you can) burning with the recommended media. That should work. If it doesn’t, your drive is broke. That’s my conclusion though!

Good luck :wink: