Lots of help needed: Please recommend me a DVDRW drive

Hi all,

Its my Bros 21st birthday very soon and was thinking of getting him a really good DVD-RW drive. Now im after something that does everything your average user could want - including dual layerred media and DVD-rams (but apparently there arent many drives that do DVD-ram so I could leave this out).

It would be good if it was fast (but not pointlessly fast) and wasnt too noisey (but a normal amount of noise is perfectly acceptable). Now value is important but I want something that will last and is versatile. Now i have no idea for a budget as i havent researched them yet, meaning I have no idea which one to go for yet either. Will try and look in some PC magazines like PC Plus and PC Advisor to start me off.

I would like to ask the members of this forum to please suggest which one i should get.

Thanks to all posters
Peter :slight_smile:

EDIT: So far i have been suggested the LG 4163 for one with DVD-ram caperbility, the nec 3540 as a good drive without the DVD-ram, and the SW-9584 as a cheap option but i am not sure whether it does DVD-ram or not.
Anyone any comments on these too?

Better take Benq 1640 - it has new firmware with high speed quality burning on +R.

Yes i forgot to mention i had also had that one suggested.

It doesnt do DVD-Rams though and apparently isnt exceptional at protected discs. Are either of these a problem?

Benq DW1640 Review i read

LG GSA-4163B Review i read
Oh and another i just found

Some of the future versions of the 110 and the new 4550 in Sept have RAM.

Will be a bit late by then though :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly I feel that you need to decide whether you want RAM facility. If you do there are two options here either go for the LG 4163b (tried & tested, but about to be replaced.) Of course the price may soon come down.
If you can wait then Pioneer’s 110 with 5x RAM read/write or Nec’s 4550 which reportedly will be 16x RAM, will be available.On track performance I’d go for the Nec as Pioneer has had a tendency to be less media adaptable, although any major quality media (Taiyo Yuden/Verbatim) will work well with either.
If picking any of these choices the thing to bear in mind is that the newer models will need a lot of fine tuning (f/w updates) before you see them at their best.
If RAM is taken out of the equation then at present the BenQ DW1640 is the model most would consider.
For a review see here
Personally I’d go for the 1640.
If I had to have RAM, the LG4163b if time is of the essence.If able to wait then Nec’s 4550 would be the one.

For a good deal on the BenQ try here