Lots of errors at end of discs in Nero DiscSpeed



So before I sell video games that are disc based, I always try to do some kind of thorough check on them if I can. When I have PS2/PS1/ any CD/DVD/BD readable disc I scan it in Nero on my PC. However for some reason DVDs give me some strange results(er, well ps2 games… the only PC readable DVD game media I’m aware of besides PC games) sometimes.

What happens is that discspeed will report continuous and high amounts of PI errors and failures at the end of the disc. Additionally, the discs almost always give a good readability test which IMO seems strange if the disc is truly experiencing such a high level of faults. Reducing the drive speed helps a lot but doesn’t seem to totally fix the issue.

DiscSpeed versions:

OS: Windows 7 64 bit on a dell inspiron 530, but it also did it on 32 bit vista when I was using it.

Drives: Lite ON DH-401S
Some other external DVD drive of which I’m not sure of the manufacturer. It shows up nero as DVDRW USB 16X A071

Here’s a screenshot for illustration.


I guess what I’m wondering is… where is the problem? Is it in the discs? Is it the drive? Configuration? Because it seems like an AWFUL lot of my games end up scanning like this(and as such I’m withholding them until I can figure out what is wrong), any disc that’s over say 3/4 DVD capacity is subject to have this issue.

I should also note that I have a JFJ easy pro. I do resurface some of my discs if they need it. However this issue comes up even with clean discs that have never been resurfaced.


Scan at a lower speed - 4x may be reasonable as that should be CLV on any drive, so the error rate at the end is not aggravated by increasing speed.

Also, scan something that will definitely NOT contain deliberate errors (copy protection) for comparison - how good/bad is the scan of a freshly written test disc?