Lots of Color Loss on DVD Recorded Programs... Help!


I’m new here and I just purchased the JVC DR-MV5S model. The problem is everything that is recorded from VHS to DVD is much darker on the DVD Recorder than it was on the VHS source. Any reason to why the significant color loss?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:

Probably not a quality issue, the JVC models are in general quite color-accurate. I guess there is a mismatch between your VHS and DVD recorder settings with the signal format (S-Video/RGB/Video). Most of the time, a signal from a VHS player is standard “Video” and if you set the recorder input to “RGB” you may have problems.

When you monitor the video (through the DVD recorder) while recording, is the color affected too? Or is the color normal until you actually play the recorded DVD?

I get this with my old Sony TV. If I set my DVD recorder to RGB I get very dark pictures.

For the technical, the spec for the TV requires 1v p-p RGB input, my DVD recorder gives out 0.7v p-p RGB, thus why the pic is dark.

Best bet is to switch the output of your DVD recorder to SVideo or Composite (if SVideo does not work).

The color is affected when its recording. It’s weird, because the picture looks very good until I switch over to the DVD Recorder and start recording. Since the VHS player is with the DVD Recorder (since its a combo unit), what can I do?

Doesn’t sound too good. Actually I have no idea, unless the JVC allows different settings for DVD and VHS output (see qwakrz’s input above)… :confused:

Just one thing: if you’re trying to record copy protected VHS tapes, then this is normal: you’re experiencing what the Macrovisionsystem does to the signal. If it’s the case, you’re even lucky that the image doesn’t get distorted…

No it’s not a copy protected tape… :frowning:

Mmmh. You need more “specialized” advice I think. Can’t help you more.
Good luck :slight_smile: