Lotr, Return of the King

I dont know which safedisc that game is but i succesfully made a back up ! Using Blindwrite Works great and the game is very nice :wink: We try without success with clone cd.


Hello Mizar,

Do you mind telling us which version of
LOTR: Return of the King you did a backup for? (US, UK, etc…)

You could refer to that thread :

Also for reading/writing, did you use automatic profile or a special
tool alike bwtweaker ?

Finally, did you install from the backup disc or original disc ?
Is the backup play disc able to work without autoplay or any emulation software ?


i do it for the US version, with the automatic setting, Blindwrite copy the play disc without topography, but the two install disc with topography. I was able to install it on my other computer with the back up cd, but i have autoplay installed on this one. No emulation tool.

Ok ?



The two install disc should’nt have any protection, only the play disc has one…

So why BW5 did a topology extraction on the two INSTALL disc but not the PLAY disc.

That’s strange… Are you sure it’s not the reverse ?

Yep i’m sure about that ! Topography on the two install, not on the play cd… I begin to burn the two install first then the play cd.


the topology will come up with a clean/normal denisty…will not effect the copy …so he/she RotK copy is good to go

I had to use my plextor px708-a with newest firmare as of 12/24/03 to read and burn the orignal copy with out emulation, blind write 5…** would not work neither did clony, but blindwrite does work with a bwa file at 10x read/write and the most important thing weak sectors enhanced, no autoplay. my sony, pioneer, and mitsumi, dvd roms would not read with blind write nor would my teac cdr. As for blindwrite 5.* I was not impressed (after purchasing it) and went fishing.

P4c 2.6 @ 1064 FSB (do the math)
ATI 9600’ish
Plextor px-708A

I used Blindwrite 5 and it worked. all i had to do was read then copy