LOTR premier

I’m going to the LOTR premier, can’t wait. I’m afraid that it will not live up to my expectations, but I’ll see.
Just want to see who else has tickets to the premier and when are you going too see it (date and time)?

tonight at midnight.

Today at 1pm hopefully. But I hate lines, so I may give up.

Going at 4:15 PM. Already got my tickets.

Originally posted by Chriso
Going at 4:15 PM. Already got my tickets.

Are you allowed as 14 year old to see this movie!!
Is this movie not for above 16? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure its a 12A in the UK which means you have to bring an adult with you if you are under 12

I already had my tickets. A friend of mine waited in line and was one of the first to get the tickets (for me and some other friends). The problem was waiting for the premier day to come. It started at midnight here too.

I went early and when i came there was orcs, elfs, etc… fighting in front of the cinema and a big fire was made. Even the news paper was there. The movie was great, although I think it lacks some essential things.

This movie gave me big problems. Having very little sleep the last few weeks and only sleeping 2 hours this day, made me barly make it through a (very) important day (just my luck to have both things on the same day).