LOTR Extended Version - Chopper XP - Power DVD 5 Conflict



If anyone is planning on using my LOTR Guide at www.sirscrub.com (which explains how to combine LOTR onto one disk using DVD2One and some other applications) Please be aware that I think there is a problem with Chopper XP and/or Power DVD 5. Installing Chopper XP after Power DVD 5 causes Power DVD 5 to be unable to play DVD Disks or to play ripped files on the hard drive. Reinstalling Power DVD 5 fixes the problem. This happes with both v2.6 and v2.7 of Chopper XP. There is no problem with Power DVD 4 and Chopper XP.


Sir Scrub


From the author of Chopper XP

Chopper XP installs a freeware video and audio decoder to display the
video. But this did not have any effect on Power DVD 4 or Win DVD. So,
if you are using power dvd 5, install chopper XP before installing
power dvd 5.

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