LOTR Extended - Remove End Credits

hi… please help me with this

I bought LOTR fellowship Extended and i want to backup it. Discs 1,3,4 i backup it as usual with dvd2one or cloneDVD.

The second disc is my problem. Discs 3,4 (bonus extras) where about 7.5 GB but, ok, these are not the movie, so quality loss isn’t problem. The first movie disc, is about 6.5GB and dvd2one made great work, picture is great. (menus included, DTS only kept)

The second disc is about 7,5 GB but the problem is that the 1.5GB of it are the End Credits and the Fan Credits !!! WOH Its about 30 minutes or more I think !!! dvd2one and cloneDVD results weren’t enough for my standards, because of the TOOOO long credits crap.

So please help me. Can I remove someway this part of the movie and transcode it later with dvd2one or cloneDVD as usual with menus included? (full disc) :bow: :bow: :bow:

sorry for my bad english

DVD Shrink can do this with finesse and absolute control - frame by frame if necessary. Scan the guides here for step by step Re-author instructions

thanks friend

I used for the first time DVDShrink and I made it !!!

just a question now. When I imported the VIDEO_TS.IFO from the 2nd DISC and dragged the movie file to the RE-Author window, it shows 2 main titles !!! I clicked each one of them and the preview was the same. It was the same thing with only 1-2MB difference. What is that mean ??? I deleted the senond file, so, I was able to backup the 2nd-disc movie with no compression !!! (???)

Am I doing something wrong?

ps. I made the backup with great results, I just wonder what this is…