LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth (DVD)



Has anyone been able to make a back up copy successfully? I tried with Alcohol 120% v1.9.2 (build 1705) and while the game will insall it will not play.

I have all the emlation enabled within Alcohol and still it won’t play (image or disk).

Finally, I tired enabling all the options on Dameon Tools v3.47 and still can not get it to work.

When I used “A-Ray Scanner” it detected SafeDisc 2/3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!

Also, I am pretty new to Alcohol 120% and was wondering why I can select the type of “protection” when copying CD’s but when I do a DVD (like this game) that option is not selectable? Is there a better program out there for copying proteced DVD’s (sims2, Battle for middle-earth…etc)?

I am using a Plextor (PX-708A) with firmware 1.08. Thanks in advance for you help!!


Unfortunately the current release of Alcohol cannot copy DVD PC games to disc. It can however make an image of a safedisc protected DVD game for play via a virtual drive.


I’m having the same problem here, I knew the Alcy cannot do it, but what’s the alternative? Can it be done?


Clone CD with Emulation or Blindwrite with Blindwrite tweaker.


Thanks, but can you also please specify the settings for Blindwrite? Is it done without emulation or is it as with CloneCD? Does anyone know what’s the deal with Alcohol? When is its next release due?


Sorry I’m not familiar with Blindwrite, try the Blindwrite forum here. The next release of Alcohol will be done when its done:)


OK, thanks again for your info.


YEH same prob I cant get this game to work either


The only way I’ve found that works is making an image with Alcohol than mount it to your daemon drive. No other way worked for me.


Ok - Here is my problem. I can install the game initially. Then mount the image. What if I remove the image and dont have the orginal disk any longer.

Does Alcholo allow you to make an image and save the image to a disk? That I can later remount? or will i always need the orginal disk handy?


I tired making a backup copy of my battle for middle earth(CD) i used alcohol120% with aray scanner. I too am having problems with it playing after install. I get some sort of game.dat problem. I have the images in my alcohol120% folder. Do I actually have to have alcohol 120% running in order for this to work properly after install? I also have clone cd if this program would make a working true copy without problems after install. Any Ideas? I am sort of a newbie to this sort of stuff so i actually don’t know much more than to scan with aray scanner and to burn image. But that doesn’t seem to be working.


You should download the newest version from alcohol-soft.com and then try again. I have a copy of BFME DVD created with a newer copy of Alc and it works just fine. (No Emulations either.)


is there a way of playing the battle for middle-earth II pc version (non original) bypassing the defeat protection?


How did you make your image?