LoTR: Battle For Middle Earth DVD (BFME)

After browsing the web for quite some time. I finally found out how to make a backup of my DVD with Safedisc 2/3!!!
Here is my Config:
NEC 1300A 1.03c Firmware
I installed the Newest Version of Alcohol 120% (
Changed the Driver Names (anything)
Skip Bad Sectors
DPM On high
When you start to burn it do the DPM at 1x
it kicked out an image, that i used in alcohol 120% VDrive
Turned off all Emulation (ignore Media Type, Launch CD/DVD Manager, and the extras except the RPMS one, i kept that…

I also Have Virtural Drive from Slysoft/Elby enabled, so it didnt’ effect it…
And ran the program. Bingo, I was really happy :slight_smile: I was starting to worry because i have field of small scratch marks on the disc from rough use, and this will slow the damage down. Thanks to www.makeabackup.com & www.alcohol-soft.com for the help

correct me if i’m wrong, but i think you don’t need DPM for Safedisc (DVD)…

As far as I can see, on the Safedisc DVD’s I have, you also don’t need to Skip Bad Sectors as there are none.

You probally don’t need DPM for it, but the NEC Drive i have is a real horriable reader, so i did it just in case. As for the bad sectors, I did need that because safedisc 2/3 is bad sectors… I’ll re-image without the DPM and see if that works.

don’t wanna call you a newbie, but do you now what DPM is (standing) for? i can guarantee you, that you’ll definitely not have a single advance by using DPM on a safedisc protected title - and it also does not increase your reading quality…
and if you backup a safedisc protected DVD, you’ll not need to enable any option for “bad sectors” as safedisc for dvd does not have them… :wink:

Thanks for not going there. 2nd run through i didn’t use DPM and the still used the bad sectors, and it worked. the DPM option only added 21k to the .mds file. Thanks.