Hi guys very new to this


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Is there a particular problem you wish to discuss? Or are you just introducing yourself to the other members of MyCE?


Hello to everyone
could any body fili me in as to why my network media player will work when connected to my laptop but not when its connected to the TV
Would be very gratefull
Sorry Kerri 56 i sent 2 replys to u but dont no where they went


One way to reply is to click on the blue rectangular box that says Reply to Thread. Write your message, then submit it.

Figuring out your problem will require a bit more information. What is the make and model media player that you have? How are you connecting it to the tv and to the laptop?

Are you playing media files, like mp4, avi or mkv files? Or are you trying to play ISO files made from DVD’s or Blu-ray?

Where are the files stored? Are you using a usb flash drive, or do you have an external hard drive connected to the media player? Or are you streaming from a computer through the media player (either wirelessly or wired connection)?

You could also be using an online service I suppose, like Netflix or Hulu. But you can see, without more information we’ll just be fumbling around in the dark.