Lost thing-a-ma-jig

I lost my thing-a-ma-jig has anyone seen it. It so long and about that wide and my wife says I play with it to much.

You probably cannot see anything that small without your glasses… or you need some v1agra in order to fix the problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

needs a magnified glass …I can see why you lost it…I’m losing it right now.

I heard if you play with it TOO much, you can go blind, or it could fall off!!!

Dunno what it means if both happen… :doh:

dirty dirty dirty minds

I think some of you must have thought that I meant my dig-a-ling I know where it is it still hanging were it always had close to me. It’s my thing-a-ma-jig I cannot find. I did find my whatya-ma-call-it while looking for it. My wife says my thing-a-ma-jig was where my thing-a-ma-bob is, the last time see saw it. My kids say they borrowed my thing-a-ma-bob but not my thing-a-ma-jig. My neighbor still has my doohickey I hate when he borrows it he never returns it until I ask. Had to get a new doomeyhicker the old one got misplaced . My hoomagotcher needs new batteries but I do not have the right size. My Shmaggen is where it should be now if you could just tell me where My thing-a-ma-jig is.

Shame I am not that good at writing things or I could keep this up for a page or two more

You did just fine samlar ,now what did you do with your thing-a-ma-jig.

next thread will be who did it?

It’s probably over there under your do-hickey.