Lost speed



hey guys i have a nec2100,i had to reformat my pc,now instead of burning at 8x i burn at 6x,with 8x dvd-r’s,i use nero still,never had a prob till the reformat,i also flashed that herries frimware before the reformat,is it still good after the fromat or do i need to reflash again???thanks for any advice


Formatting your computer has no effect at all on the drive’s firmware. Did you change your media?


no i’ve been using the same media for quite awhile,legacy 8x dvd-r,always have burned at 8x with great results


Make sure your drives all are at DMA position, uninstall Nero and clean reinstall it again.


what is the dma position?thanks


ok did some searches and reading,my dma were enabled on both controllers