Lost Session on CD-R

help with overwritten CD-R…
ok, so I’m looking around, and I find a blank CD to write down my projects folder… it’s that time for a weekly backup.

but to my surprise, when I start to write on the thing, it states that this CD is not empty, but will proceed with writing on the CD anyway… and will close the session.

Well… it hit me. The CD that was just rewritten on was my recent backup, yet unlabeled, of my contracts in *.pdf format. Well… now I feel like a dufus, and can’t seem to read the prior information at all.

Is there a way to get to this older information? it seems like the TOC only shows the newer burn, not the older burn.


need something that does a bit for bit read… does a such thing exist!?

You can examine and extract the previous session with isobuster.