Lost second layer of DL when burning with DVD Shrink/Decrypter

I was trying to save 2 movies to my DL DVD. I could only open one movie with Shrink which I burned with Decrypter. When I tried to save the second movie I got “disk not empty”. I wasted a DL disk. And yes, this was my first attempt to burn to DL. I looked at some of the forums but after an hour was still not sure how to do it. I used the Nero 9 test program to burn via Decrypter. My Sony drive, TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D GA05 (ATA) is capable of DL recording.

Dual layer DVD+/-R disks are still only write once; i.e. you have to write the whole contents in one go. If you want to merge two DVD Video disks onto a single dual layer disk then you will need to create a new VIDEO_TS folder which includes both the films. Check out DVDRemake or if you don’t want to keep the menus then you can use DVD Shrink in reauthor mode.

The software you are using is outdated; I suggest DVD Fab HD Decrypter for ripping the DVDs to the hard drive; just use DVD Shrink for reauthoring/shrinking. ImgBurn is the (free) tool of choice for burning disks especially dual layer. Oh, and we generally recommend only Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden dual layer media.


P.S. I think the full version of DVD Fab may have a merge facility, but I only use the free bit so I’m not sure!

You should have compiled both movies with Shrink’s Re-author Mode, before burning the first one…
And use ImgBurn for DL burning…Same author/creator of DVDdecrypter(no longer updated)…

Edit: Darn I type slow, even at half the work…:cool:

Thanks so much for the info. I will give it another go…