Lost Season 4



I can not get this to RIP/Record.

I have used 3 versions of MacX DVD Ripper Pro including latest 4.9.5 version, and after the display of the titles/tracks on the DVD, and my selection of them, after I then choose RUN, only the following will happen.

The DVD will show that it is being accessed, and presumably reading. When playing these discs on the Apple DVD player, they work. With the MacX software, we sometimes, but not always get the creation of a file corresponding to the track/title.

This file never goes beyond 3 seconds, though it can take 15 or more minutes to get that far. It is a 12KB file and after those 15 minutes, the conversion will stop and display my folder location as if the job were finished.

Any help or am I doing something wrong that this requires special action that other DVDs do not.


Hi DWWilkin,

Thanks for using this program. As for the problem you faced, pls choose “Safe Mode” on the main interface of the software to have a try.

Please reply here if it does not work, I will try my best to help you solve it asap.



I have been switching Safe Mode on and off, hoping that would force a different result. Once again I have tried with High Quality Engine and Safe Mode and my results are a 12KB file. The recording stopped again after 2 seconds, but after taking about 10 minutes to get to that.


Hi DWWilkin,

As for the problem, please email our support team ([support@macxdvd.com](mailto: support@macxdvd.com)) with detailed info, they would help you solve it asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.