LOST... Remote Control Harmon/Kardon HD7425

Hi all,

I moved from the UK to Australia about 6 years ago and have lost the remote control for my beloved Harmon/Kardon HD7425 cd player. The model is mid to late 90’s - I have looked and searched the internet and other forums with no luck so far… :sad:

Please help… although it provides virtually no ‘extra’ functions that would replace me from getting up off my butt and pressing the buttons, I have done this for years now and to be honest had enough!!

PLEASE!! :bow: …new, used, half working (i can fix) i don’t care.


I pulled this from a Google Search. I would contact H/K directly, replacement is available for lots of models (having web site probs or I’d do a direct link).

If you can’t find it, or if the web site is still down, contact parts@harman.com