Lost Password on Toshiba Satellite


I am trying to work on a Toshiba Satellite laptop but the password has been lost. I tried Ophcrack but it said there were no passwords. Can someone help me recover the password as I need to see some files on the laptop. Thanks.


Call Toshiba with the Serial number and your receipt for the laptop and they will supply you with a password


Thanks for the reply alan, but the computer is one I bought for my son when he was in high school and he is now finishing college. So I doubt we could fine the receipt. Probably packed in some box somewhere.


Hi Kemperhils,

I use this, https://www.isunshare.com/windows-password-genius.html

well worth the money and it works on loads of MS operating systems.
It’s never failed for me and has been ever useful when friends and neighbours have lost their passwords. (or anyone else for that matter)


Ultimate Boot CD has a useful password tool. It is a free download and easy to use.


Thanks voxsamrt for the reply


Thanks Kyle, as many times as ZI have used UBCD for memory and HD’s I didn’t know this. Will give it a try.


Old thread, but…

UBCD is definitely the way to do this, the offline registry editor works on every NT based version of windows. Make sure you blank the password for the desired user rather than changing it, though, as this method always works.

If the BIOS is password protected and not set to boot from optical drive or USB prior to the hard drive, then unplug the power cord (remove battery on laptop), remove the CMOS battery and wait for 30 mins (or short the relevant pins) to reset the BIOS, then change the boot order.