Lost one cd-drive



After installing the latest version of CloneCD, I lost acces to one of my cd-drives.
It is no longer found in the Explorer and neither in Dos. But it should still work oke according to the Device Manager…!!!

I know that i made a mistake in the installation procedure because CloneCD didn’t find a digital sign for that drive, and I continued the installation after this warning.

I guess I am not the first one with this problem, so maybe anybody can help me finding back my lost drive …

The only option for me seems to be re-installing Windows…

please help!

OS: windows XP home: recovery funtion doesnt work and after de-installing CloneCD i still have no acces.

Thx!, Michel


Weird. All I can say is that the ‘not digitally signed’ warning is normal and you can just ignore it. If your drive disappeared from your system try this: re-install CloneCD. Run the CloneCD tray and disable the Virtual CloneDrive (set the number of devices to 0):

Does this work?


After re-installing CloneCD the drive is back…?

But I am not able to set the virtual clone drive to 0. I can choose from 1-8 or disable. And disable does not work.

After starting CloneCD I tried to copy FS2002 Pro, but the drive can not read the data???

Finally it says: Program not responding.

As reading drive I have : Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616T
As burning drive I have : NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A

And a new one (?) : ELBY DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device

This last one I have never seen before…it appeared after installing CloneCD.

What can I do to make CloneCD work…??


is the drive back in os?

maybe something like this? there is lots to read at microsoft use search button


The CloneCD VD is a very clever beast, too clever, and it has many problems. I recommend against its use until the developer makes some changes. Does anyone know if CloneCD is beta tested outside Elby? I suspect its testing is done all in-house across a narrow range of configurations. Some public beta testing would have unmasked many of the problems it causes. Worse, installation of the VD is default. Mainly its filter drivers are too simple. The true test is whether a VD can work in Safe Mode :wink: