Lost Newbie

I am trying to copy a dvd to another dvd, not hard drive (Nero 6) but it’s downloading the image to hard drive, not to the empty disk I have inserted. Please help.

some dvds are copyright protected, some may be larger thwn your destination disc

The dvd I’m trying to copy has been shrunk and decoded. the meg is under 4300. I’m just trying to figure out how to copy to disk. Do I use Nero recode? This downloads an image file to the hard drive and doesn’t burn it to the empty disk. I’m lost.

Are you just using Nero, or are you using DVD shrink?
If you are not using DVD shrink, I would recommend downloading it. Once you do so, You open it, click either the “Open CD” or “Open Files” After it opens your files and analyzes them, you click the “Backup” button, and it has

Source (drop down menu)
Destination (drop down menu)

It is very easy to use.